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About Me

I'm a critically acclaimed author, featured voice on prominent media outlets, TEDx speaker, and someone whose purpose is to uplift you with my words.

I'm passionate about the art of storytelling and have been fortunate enough to apply this passion in being named a Top Contributor with Yahoo Sports, and working with Cosmopolitan, the New York Post, North American Review, Bellevue Literary Reviewmindbodygreen, Desert Companion Magazine, and more publications.


My most recent book, Single That, is critically acclaimed by Publishers Weekly

I'm an MFA Fellow at Randolph College and studied Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Speaking through HarvardX. Nevada resident, Indiana native.

My latest projects

When I'm Not Writing 


I Enjoy Volunteering

The need in our communities is great, and I take pride in helping in any way that I can. My favorite opportunities are those that involve at-risk youth. I grew up right outside Chicago, in Gary, IN. As someone who's endured challenging circumstances, it feels like the honor of my life anytime I can serve as a positive example of what's possible for these kids.


I Pursue Other Creative Endeavors

I love working in TV & Film and have appeared in commercials, as a spokesperson, and as a main character in a sitcom. I'm also a bit of a yogi and an avid reader. That's me in a nutshell. Passionate and purpose-driven. I believe anything you do in love, is done well.


Be encouraged,

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