The Worst Misconceptions About Single Women

Single is often considered synonymous with uniquely flawed when you’re a woman. There are many disparaging blanket statements made about single people. But such generalizations are most frequently applied to women. People often consider single men bachelors just having fun and enjoying life. Outsiders believe they’re single by choice, not Read more…

Is Consistency Your Love Langauge?

Consistency is a love language. It separates the opportunists from the committed. -Acamea Deadwiler I wrote that quote because I believe that inconsistency is a form of emotional abuse. Don’t let people near your heart with this toxic behavior. People loved the quote so much that I also put it Read more…

Always Choose to Be Chosen

Our hormones and emotions sometimes do what they want with little regard for logic or purpose. I want to know that you chose me, and that you choose me again every day. Leave no room for doubt or indifference.


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