How to Answer Uncomfortable Relationship Questions Around the Holidays

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If you’re single, and especially if you’re a woman, prepare to be interrogated.

Seems there is no holiday topic more enticing than the love life of the single daughter, sister, aunt, or cousin. Everyone just has to know why she’s alone at the family dinner … Again. Never mind all that she’s accomplished this year. The burning question remains, “when are you getting married?” Or having children?

If this is you, then this time of year can be challenging. Mental preparation must often ensue for the onslaught of invasive inquiries and inappropriate remarks you know will be endured during family gatherings. I like to believe they mean well. But, do they really? I’m not sure what’s accomplished by putting the single woman of the family on the hot seat. Maybe the thought is that you can be pressured or shamed into surrendering to romantic attachment.

Even if not a challenge, this environment can definitely be exhausting. Mom is “concerned” and wants to make sure she’ll be around to attend your wedding. Everyone wants to know when you’ll contribute to the mob of screaming children wandering about. Somehow, who you’re dating and what happened to the last person you were with for like three seconds finds its way into the conversation. There doesn’t need …

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