Is Consistency Your Love Langauge?

Consistency is a love language. It separates the opportunists from the committed. -Acamea Deadwiler I wrote that quote because I believe that inconsistency is a form of emotional abuse. Don’t let people near your heart with this toxic behavior. People loved the quote so much that I also put it Read more…

Read This When You’re Lonely

You are enough. You are loved. You are a person of substance. You are complete, independent of whether or not you have a partner. I know this doesn’t always help. Self-assurance can’t hold you at night or join you for a movie. It can’t listen to you vent about work, Read more…

Always Choose to Be Chosen

Our hormones and emotions sometimes do what they want with little regard for logic or purpose. I want to know that you chose me, and that you choose me again every day. Leave no room for doubt or indifference.

Life, Love and the Pursuit Of

I won’t give up, if you don’t give up. Life, Love and the Pursuit Of explores some of our universal challenges in life, using Acamea’s personal experiences as a guide. It will challenge your way of thinking, your way of doing and living as a means to inspire and encourage. Read more…


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