Three Self-Help Books that will Actually Change Your Life

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Personal growth is my jam. Yet, after reading so many self-help books, it starts to seem as though they’re all saying the same things: think positive—don’t let problems get you down—turn your lemons into lemonade. All great advice, but what’s sometimes missing is the “how?”

It sounds good, but we’re left unsure of the path we should take to get where we’re trying to go. Or, the advice is just not impactful, and we finish the book feeling no mentally or emotionally healthier than when we started. 

Here are my top three self-help books from which I’ve personally seen tangible results:

The Four Agreements
By Don Miguel Ruiz

A MUST-READ. The Four Agreements offers actionable advice that you can apply immediately. It’s all about assessing and altering your approach to life, as well as relationships. Rather than challenging you to change your overall outlook, which can be problematic and based on external circumstances, The Four Agreements dares you to change the way you receive and process things internally.

This book also emphasizes the standard to which you hold yourself. It’s all about YOU – no philosophy, psychology, or complex concepts that can often seem bigger than you. Just you. And that’s enough.

Love, Freedom, Aloneness
By Osho

Love, Freedom, Aloneness acknowledges the different phases in our lives and gives reasons why each is important. Honor the space that you are in. We tend to compare ourselves against not just others, but earlier versions of ourselves, previous times in our lives, and moments that have long passed.

Love, Freedom, Aloneness proclaims itself, “The Koan of Relationships.” It discusses the importance of balancing our need for freedom with our desire for intimacy and connection. It’s thoughtful, insightful, and will lead you on a journey toward being comfortable with who you are.

The Game of Life and How to Play It
By Florence Scovel Shinn

This book was originally published in 1925, but its teachings are timeless. We all want the secret to a fulfilling life, as though there’s a cheat code or specific set of actions that we need to take in order to achieve this. Well, if life were in fact a game, these would be the rules. The author breaks down metaphysics and spiritual law into digestible, applicable pieces of information that will leave you feeling equipped to win at life.


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