Hi, I’m Acamea

I’m a critically acclaimed author, featured voice on prominent media outlets, TEDx and event speaker, empowerment coach, and someone whose purpose is to
uplift you through my words. 

I’m passionate about the art of storytelling and have been fortunate enough to apply this passion in being named a Top 100 Contributor with Yahoo! Sports, becoming a Top Writer on Medium, as well as working with Cosmopolitan magazine, the New York Post, Bustle, Blavity, mindbodygreen, SLAM, and Desert Companion magazine, among other publications.

I’ve also authored e-books on some of the biggest names in music and pop culture for Hyperink Publishing and been featured on the FOX lifestyle television show, MORE.

When I’m not writing, speaking, or doing something creative, I enjoy volunteering.

The need in our communities is great, and I take pride in helping in any way that I can. My favorite opportunities are those that involve at-risk youth. I grew up right outside Chicago, in Gary, IN. As someone who’s endured challenging circumstances, it feels like the honor of my life anytime I can serve as a positive example of what’s possible for these kids.

I’m also a bit of a yogi, an avid reader, and an advocate for staying ready. That’s me in a nutshell. Passionate and purpose-driven. I believe that anything you do in love, is done well.

Be encouraged,


I’m a featured TED speaker who will develop an eye-opening,
authentic keynote address exclusively for your audience.

In addition to having my TEDx Talk featured on the TED website, I’ve been a keynote speaker for several conferences and company meetings. I’ve also spoken with at-risk youth for United Way and Leaders in Training.

I’ll encourage your youth and inspire your company executives. Our honest discussion will uplift and transform everyone in attendance. We’ll learn to crush obstacles, build courage, discover self-love, and live life fearless.


I studied to achieve complimentary
therapist accreditation for one reason, to help you

Everything you need is already inside of you. My job is to help you access it, and then use what you have to your advantage. I’ll show you how to crush toxic behaviors and practice fearless self-worth.


I write books to release, to empower, and to be of service.

My latest book, Single That: Dispelling the Top 10 Myths of the Single Woman, received critical acclaim from “The Bible of the Book Business,” Publishers Weekly. It’s the most necessary thing I’ve ever written.

I’ve also authored e-books on some of the most influential artists and speeches in our culture for Hyperink Publishing. Single That is my third full-length book, following Life, Love, and the Pursuit Of, and my now out-of-print memoir Life, Love and Lack Thereof.

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