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Daddy's Little Stranger
(Riddle Brook Publishing)

Available Now!

A young Acamea was devastated by sudden disconnection from the man she knew as her father, and the rejection from her birth father that followed. This positioned her on a lonesome path disturbed by the chaos of mental illness, poverty, and violence.


Daddy’s Little Stranger delves into the captivating journey of a girl’s life, shaped by various forms of neglect. Acamea mourns the idea of a father as much as she does those she once knew—arming herself with resentment and emotional distance for protection.


Acamea tells her story set against the backdrop of Gary, Indiana—a city deemed “murder capital of the nation.” Here she wrestles with the complexities of human connection as she grows into a woman. This touching narrative reveals her road toward self-discovery. Feeling trapped between the worlds of love and obligation, she attempts to set herself free.

" ...Stunningly Intimate"
Jane Wong, author of Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City

" ...Masterful Prose"
Jeremy Schraffenberger, Editor, North American Review

"...A piercing and powerful exploration"
Danielle Ofri, Editor, Bellevue Literary Review, and author of What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine

Single readers will find wise advice and many great examples of how contentment can be a solo act in Deadwiler’s empowering testament. ~Publishers Weekly

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